Many times new clients engage us in conversations about a new logo, brochure, website or video. We love having those conversations, but they can also be like playing darts in the dark. If you're approaching a new piece of communications without asking who you're really trying to reach, what motivates them and what response you would like to evoke, you really are just throwing ideas against the wall and hoping they stick. To succeed, you need to first ensure you have a brand designed to connect with the right people and inspire them into action.

Our strategy-rich process is designed to uncover the insights you need to reinvent or refresh brand so you can engage your target audience with game changing clarity.

Brand Strategy

Over time even very well established brands can become fragmented. Individuals charged with living out an organization’s mission begin to alter the how they engage to better fit their unique responsibilities and objectives. Messages that seem to their individual authors to be ‘on-brand’ become scattered, creating the need for brand clarity. CONSPIRE's proprietary strategy process will help you uncover the clarity of purpose to determine the level of change needed.

We've crafted custom exercises that we walk through collaboratively with your team to get the insights needed to move the brand forward. The strategy session is comprised of any number of the following exercises:

  • Company History
  • Market Research
  • Market Perception
  • Competitive landscape
  • Positioning (People, Product, Place, Price, Promotion, Promises)
  • SEO Report
  • Current Identity Analysis
  • Brand Anthem Statement Formation
  • Strategic Goals & Tactical Prioritization


What's in a name? In our opinion it should be the DNA of a a well-built brand. Our process infuses strategy into idea generation, ensuring that every concept we present is built on a solid platform of brand-right thinking.

Identity Development

World class creative. Perhaps no more needs to be said. A brand Identity needs to be intelligent and brand right, no doubt, but if it isn't visually compelling it will get lost. CONSPIRE is built around stunning design that speaks for itself.