This is your chance to put a proven brand strategy process to work for your business –for free.


Sign up to win a seat at a group brand strategy workshop and learn how to reinvent or refresh your brand.

Together, in an informal setting, we’ll work through our proven brand strategy process – which is the core of our expertise – distilled into a set of proprietary exercises.

Over the years, these exercises have taken the form of a handy dandy workbook. It’s our our brand bible and it contains all the secrets of building a brand the right way. It’s the kind of secret sauce that other agencies won’t share with you unless you can pony up the big bucks - and it’s sacred to our process on every important project.

Conspire is built to use the power of branding to connect people and inspire them into action. Since 2013 we have helped people and organizations discover game-changing clarity or purpose and use it to reinvent or reinvigorate over 50 (and counting) amazing brands.

What to expect:

+ Casual atmosphere

+ Collaborative energy

+ Dynamic content

+ Drinks & food

+ Develop connections

+ Actionable insights

+ Renewed sense of purpose


Gain powerful clarity around:

+ Market opportunities (understanding competitors & how to stand out)

+ Better understanding customers (understanding competitors & how to stand out)

+ Positioning your brand (Understand the pillars of creating solid branding)

+ Creating a brand platform (Create a meaningful systematic message architecture)

+ Discovering your Brand Anthem (Develop the on story that matters most)

+ Understanding targeted branding (Create a brand that will inspire customers)

+ Creating a brand marketing plan (Keep it simple, define the steps to succeed)