Elevator Pitch


It can be awkward.

When you have an opportunity to meet someone new and you're not secure and confident in who you are, you don't know how to present yourself as enticing. Nobody likes uncomfortable silence. Further, for businesses, this predicament leads to all kinds of lost opportunities and failures to convert new leads into profitable relationships.

Just like personal engagements, to win in the professional world you have to first have security in who you are. Confidence is contagious, it's inspirational.

For your business, it starts with your identity. And yes, when we say identity we're talking about your brand. However, contrary to popular misconception, your logo itself is only a single part of that expression. Call it a nice haircut, pretty smile or a new outfit. While good design is absolutely essential, great visual branding can only catch the eye. You need more substance to win the mind and heart. You need clarity around who you are, what you do, why you're the best and how you are available to your audience. You need strategic clarity around that proposition and you need to craft that story so it is tailored to the people you need to reach- and in terms of a first impression, brevity is also essential. You need to say a lot of important things in your 'elevator pitch' and if you can't do it quick and effectively, you'll lose their attention.

So where do you start? How do you find and refine the 'One Thing' about you and your business that is going to inspire someone into the action you want them to take?

We can help. It's all about good storytelling. We love great creative, but our perspective is that creative cannot be great unless it supports a larger, more powerful story.

Hit us up today and we'll show you how to begin writing your story so you can leverage it to grow your business.