SEO Reboot



What Went Wrong

In that dark era of SEO… about a year ago… high-ranking websites got away with content murder. SEO tricksters worked the system to make Google think their site was boss, even though their site was a jumbled mess of largely irrelevant content.

You knew better because you found those sites and quickly left them to try your search again. Things were obviously broken, but we dealt with it.

New Dog, New Tricks

Not ones to be snookered, the new tech-kids on the block did what they do best – they got smarter. No more tagging websites with hundreds of keywords, creating phantom sites to build link juice (inbound links to a website), and no more fake content hidden from user’s view.

Overnight, the Internet landscape improved. Sites, and companies, that were getting way too much traffic for the quality of their site were suddenly wiped off the map. Google learned a new trick, and it changed how websites are made.

The brave new world of SEO requires specialists who aren’t just tricksters, but actual specialists. Content is king, which means content creators are needed now, not just search engine manipulators. 

Say Goodbye to SEO

The way things are headed, the term Search Engine Optimization is on its way out. Here’s why:

  • Websites are much easier to build today

  • Content, not coding, is king

Modern-day CMS

Newer, smarter content management systems (CMS), including site building services like Squarespace and Wix, drastically reduce the need for manual back-end SEO coding. These systems prompt you to input descriptions of your pages, and provide the meta tags Google is looking for. Even plugging a CMS into your existing hard-coded site can simplify the SEO process, bringing your site up to standards.

What this means for companies and small business owners is there should rarely, if ever be a $10,000 bill for a website. Short of large corporate sites or content-heavy sites, existing tools can be used to create a unique, functionally impressive site.

This changes when custom design comes into play, or where original content can’t be created internally, but even integrating an e-commerce solution is a no-brainer today.

Modern-day Content Creation

Content is king, and this is where true SEO specialists will live—but under new titles. These content creators will be creating high-ranking content that ranks well because it’s relevant and well-written. Tricks aren’t tolerated here anymore, though there are things they have to keep in mind when writing.

As a content specialist, a modern-day SEO needs to understand what makes a good site, both for users, and search engines. Information hierarchy matters. Message flow helps a ton. And unique information rules.

Google can sniff out fake sites created to boost primary sites, but it’s also sniffing for social media exposure. Sometimes good, sometimes not, the best sites are trafficked through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and such. Relevant social media exposure is best, but any relevant attempts are rewarded.

Where To Go Next

If you had an SEO specialist “work on” your site in the past, it might be a good idea to have it looked at again. Tricks that helped it in the past will hurt it now.

Think about what you want your site to do. If you’re attracting business through your website, give it the attention it deserves. Content comes at us all so fast, visitors to your site are going to assume your current site is your most recent message. Make sure it is.

Also consider where you stand as an authority in your field of business. If rankings mean anything at all to you, a blog, twitter feed or active Facebook presence is a must.

And above all, if anyone calls to tell you they can “get your site ranked at the top of Google,” hang up the phone, and fast. That isn’t an SEO specialist you want to do business with. Instead, have a conversation with an SEO-minded content specialist about how to build your online presence the right way.