Carrying the flag


So you may have heard it's here...

This week we launched our new site and if you're reading this, we hope it inspires you. It's been months since our last post teased the site launch. Token excuse: We were very very busy, which is good. Noble excuse: we also wanted the to be exactly right- infused with all the great thinking and creativity we bring to bare for the folks we work with.

So here it is. It's the culmination of a lot of great work and inspiration we've gained from collaborating with great clients. It's our brand with clarity. In almost 3 years, kind of a lot has happened.

+ We've worked with over 100 clients and partners (if that's you, THANK YOU!)
+ Created names and brands for 3 organizations

+ Completely reinvented or refreshed 25 brands
+ Launched 29 beautiful websites
+ Told 18 dramatic stories on camera

We've also orchestrated an incredible line-up of free CONSPIRE content for 2015/16 that we think will help more people build powerful brands that can change the world. (Our first eBook on brand formation titled "Clarity" drops a week from today.)

That's big, but we're not writing this blog, or even launching the new site and content to brag on what we've done in the past. We love the work, that's for sure. What we want to celebrate is what's next.

The vision we had for CONSPIRE 3 years ago is now here, firing on all cylinders. We set out to make meaningful work first with the belief that money would come with it.

It's happening for us and for the clients we work with. Now, we want you to be a part of it.

So here we are, waving the same flag we began with. Brand clarity and magical storytelling can change your world. We've lived it for ourselves and with our clients. We're doing it for some amazing people, companies and organizations right now. We couldn't be more grateful to have accomplished what we have and couldn't be more excited for what's to come.