Here Goes Everything! Project Roadmap: SP-1


Over the last few weeks, we've hinted at something big. So here’s the reveal – our brand new startup and retail endeavor:


Educational visual aids for K-12 special needs classrooms

Special has always been a bit of a dream. We’ve got multiple special needs educators in our families at CONSPIRE, and we realized they all happened to have a similar issue – the struggle to find appropriate classroom decorations and visual aids for these kids. And if there’s one thing we right-brained designers don’t like, it’s a lack of quality materials for visual learners! Turns out, there’s a sizable gap in the market, not only for special needs K-12 visual aids and posters, but for well-designed, engaging educational visuals and classroom decor, period.

That’s where we’re stepping in. To bring posters (and well designed things) to the people! And, eventually, a plethora of customizable visual aids tools and classroom decor for everyone from K-12 kids to corporate HR teams.

So, we've got the startup concept. And as career creatives, we don’t get to do a lot of creative work for ourselves – until now, where we’ll basically be our own client. We'll put it through our creative process and give you a front row seat. So from beginning to end, the series will completely cover what it's like to work with CONSPIRE.

Here are our major process milestones to watch for:

SP-Ø – Preview (See our last blog)
+ Announcement & Series Preview

SP-1 – Project Roadmap (today)
+ What's "Special"?! + Series Format and Milestones

SP-2 – Kick-Off (Week of 3/6)
+ We'll introduce the "client" (us!) and why it's a solid market opportunity, explore the concept in detail and set some big goals

SP-3 – Brand Strategy (TBD)
+ Your look at our proprietary Brand Building Process – how we position and develop a concept (verbally + visually)

SP-4 – Development (TBD)
+ We'll share what inspires us and our initial creative exploration – the ideas that make the cut, and some that won't

SP-5 – Refinement (TBD)
+ We'll choose one concept direction and begin build-out, focusing on touchpoints, deliverables and products

SP-6 – Final Delivery (TBD)
+ This is where the rubber hits the road. We finalize the brand, all of our deliverables and open up shop!

SP-7 – Aftermath (TBD)
+ An updated outlook on the brand and take a post-eval look back at what we've accomplished and plan for what's next

It's unlike anything we've ever tried before, but we think its going to be great and we hope you'll come along for the journey.

Next up: SP-2: Kick-Off (Week of 3/6)