We’re launching a Special new startup! Preview: SP-0

CONSPIRE startup work space.jpg

Drumroll please...

At CONSPIRE, we like to create, and we love the process. So, we had a crazy idea. And you get to watch it all go down.

It’s gonna take some nerve, a healthy sense of adventure, and a lot of coffee.

In the coming weeks, we're launching a brand new business.

The concept itself will be revealed in our next post. All we can say for now is this – it’s an endeavor near and dear to our hearts that we think teachers are really going to like.

But here’s the kicker – we’re showing you our tried-and-true brand building strategy, from conception through opening, at every step of the way.

Basically, you get front row seats to the birth of a new small local business endeavor, watch it get sketched out, probably (definitely) get a little messy, and hopefully, if we come out of this alive, open and thrive! And we think that’s pretty cool.

Creating a whole new business is risky.  And showcasing our entire work process opens us wide up for the world to see.

So why bother?

Because we think it’s important to put our company, approach and processes out there for you in a way we never have before. No BS, no industry jargon. Our work is smart, fun, honest, (mostly) professional, and most of all – we love what we do. We build brands on purpose. So we want you to know what it’s like to collaborate with CONSPIRE.

This series is about inviting you along for the ride.

Over the next several months (or however long it takes) we are going to give you a long look behind the curtain and under the hood. From brand formation to launch and ongoing storytelling, you’ll see us in action through all the ups and downs. If you’ve never hired a creative agency, you’ll be able to see what it’s like in all its glory – curveballs, frustrations, excitement, and all.

If you have worked with agencies before, we’ll show you why working with CONSPIRE is totally unique. Starting with Project Roadmap (SP-1) next week, we’ll post a new blog at every major milestone in our process to build a continuous narrative. We’ll shout out our next release deadlines too so you can follow along. And, make sure to watch for process shots and inspiration in between.

When it’s all said and done, this content series will be a true, no holds barred branding story. So hang on tight.

It’s going to be Special.