Conspirer Profile: Sam Kowalski


Name: Sam Kowalski
Hometown: Pickerington, OH
Major: Marketing
University: THE Ohio State University

If you could work with any brand, which brand would it be and why?
I love Adidas’s stance on environmental sustainability.  They recently started creating shoes using plastic waste from the ocean in partnership with Parley, a brand focused on protecting our oceans.  I’d really like to work on an ad campaign with them at some point.

Is there a brand that you just love their overall brand voice?
I think Wendy’s has really upped their game on social media recently.  They can come off as immature and rude at times, but using that method they’ve really grown a cult following.  Their less formal tactic has really paid off for them.

You were a competitive cheerleader. What was (or is) your favorite tumbling combo?
My signature tumbling pass was a roundoff, arabian step-out, roundoff, back handspring, whip, double full.  Sounds a lot more complicated than it is!

What do you do in your spare time?
I’m living with some of my best friends this year, so we try to go out at least once a week and explore bars or experiences that Columbus has to offer.  We also all love video games so that takes up a lot of our free time. (currently into overwatch)

If you were an alcoholic beverage, how would someone make it and what would the name be?
I think I’d be called “The Whoops.”  It’d consist of vodka, grape & apple juices, and a splash of shame. Served with a pizza wedge.

What is your favorite marketing campaign to date?
Amazon has put out some cool ads utilizing Alexa, but my favorite has to be their “Alexa Lost Her Voice” ad that aired during the Super Bowl.

What ad made you say “WTF”?
The Mountain Dew “Puppy Monkey Baby,” what even WAS that??

Do you have an agency or person you look look to?
Conspire for taking me under their wing, and especially Julie :)

What was your first job?
A stockroom associate at Kohl’s.  It consisted of folding, folding, and more folding. A real dream come true.

Top 5 cartoons - either from your childhood or now:

  1. Spongebob Squarepants

  2. Family Guy

  3. Rick and Morty

  4. Adventure Time

  5. South Park