Unexpected Loyalties


How Tone of Voice WOW!-ed Me

When it comes to marketing, a brand’s tone of voice does more than the pricing, product/service, or any fancily designed marketing piece ever can or will. I know, those are some big claims, especially coming from an agency that does design. Just hear me out.

The product, its designed elements (logo, colors, pictures, product details, ads, etc.), and price are the eye catchers. It’s what brings the people to the door.

“You have the thing I want/need. I like the price of your thing.”

Once in the door, what is said, and how it is said will influence their decision to buy or not.

“Oh this thing says it’s proudly made in the US.”
“This thing says it’s scientifically proven to solve my problem 10x quicker.”
“The packaging of this thing says ‘Y’all’–I like that.”

It will also help mend any downfalls of the product or service and foster loyalty for your brand so they will continue to buy. Here’s an unexpected example:

In a pile of unimportant mail, there was an envelope from our internet provider. They are an OK provider; the internet cuts out sometimes, but not nearly as much as its competitors.  I typically throw their marketing and changes-in-service notifications away without opening (because we get everything digitally), but my husband opened it and read this:

“Dear WOW! Customer,

“Sometimes, mail is fun. Like birthday cards, wedding invitations or tax refunds. Sometimes, mail is important notices from you Internet, cable and phone company. This is one of those times….”

It goes on about the new channel lineup, terms and conditions, and phone notices, then it is signed:

“Kevin Kavanah
Coach, Sports Nut, Music Lover
Senior Vice President, Customer Care
WOW! Internet, Cable and Phone”

Usually, I don’t have any kind of loyalty to internet providers because they all seem to be running a game and looking out for their bottom dollar more than their customers or the quality of service they provide. But now–Kevin.

WOW! knows what it is and that the topic of this mandatory notice isn’t inherently something people want to read, so they made fun of themselves. They gave me a name and made him a person… a coach, sports nut and music lover. I want to be friends with Kevin.

So now, when the internet is acting up, I think, “Oh man, does Kevin know about this?” and when we move and need to choose a provider, I’ll ask, “Is WOW! in this area? I liked their sense of humor.”

Kudos to Kevin–or whichever copywriter–for writing like a human. You’ve won me over.