Conspire Summer Round-up


Summer weather is FINALLY here! Whether we like it or not. We thought we’d do a quick round-up of the things we’re hoping to do in the sun.


My husband and I always like to fit in little weekend trips and we’ve had a lot so far this year! The one I’m most looking forward to is a trip to Hocking Hills next month with my brother and his family.

Every summer, my Mom’s entire side of the family gets together in New Buffalo, Michigan. We rent a house off of the lake and cram all of the aunts, uncles, and cousins into one place. My family is from all over the country, so this is our chance to come together and catch up.

Free days:
On my free days, I like to keep things pretty low energy. If it’s a nice outside, I like to go on walks in my neighborhood, or in Uptown Westerville and look around at all of the shops. That being said, we’re always up for an afternoon spent at local breweries with friends and family!



I only have two in the summer that I look forward to:

  • Fourth of July is a bit of a thing for us. I grew up in a military family and my husband is in the Air National Guard. So, one could say, we sway patriotic. While we didn’t see any fireworks, we did do the UA parade (by far one of the best in the area) and cooked out with friends.

  • 4th-a-Juluau! As a military kid, my siblings and I lucked out and lived in Hawaii for part of our youth. For the last 6 years, we’ve had a luau around the Fourth. We have kalua pork, hulihuli chicken, haupia, poke, Hawaiian potato salad, and sooo much more. I’m drooling just thinking about it. It’s always a good time.


I’ve started to take the kids to the Old Worthington Library every Monday to get a round of new books to read. They love it, and I’m a super nerd that loves discovering and analyzing kids books. The story lines, illustrations, and take-aways in context to the time they were written and how they fit into today’s culture intrigues me. I do this with kids movies too. So yeah. Nerd.

Free days:
* Cue Scoff * Who has free time?

  • Hanging out with the kids in the hammock. I have this super light-weight double hammock ( Trek Light Gear ) that I take everywhere in the summer for spontaneous relaxation. I just introduced the kids to it, and now my 2-year-old grabs it and walks to the door every morning she can.

  • Eating loads of frozen treats.

  • Yard work (I actually do enjoy it). We just bought a house with loads of landscape beds and my husband outfitted me with some fun yard working tools. I’m pretty excited for it.

  • Reading. I just finished “Before She Knew Him” as part of a book club with friends.





  • Summer Hours! Once summer hits, I start my summer hours at work. This means I’m in bright and early at 6am and try to be out of the office by 3pm.

  • Family trip to Atlanta to see family

  • Neighbor impromptu weekend cook outs

Free days:

  • Spontaneous projects, like the shelves I put in at the studio over the 4th of July. (Picture below)

  • The occasional book


There you have it. Our summer round-up. What about you? What are some things you’re looking forward to do in the sun?