A Brand Full of Heart (& BBQ Sauce)


Small by design means a lot of things to us, but one of the most important things is this: being accessible to folks who have the courage to put everything they have into bringing a great idea to life. Those people have a drive and belief that is contagious. They have a vision we can get behind–and help stoke the flames. By making ourselves accessible to those people with BIG ideas, we become part of the family that brings the idea to life; that helps it succeed. Their success is our success, and it’s a little bit sweeter because celebrating success with someone it’s always more meaningful.

This entry is about celebrating one of those people.


This week, our friend, David Butcher, opened a super cool BBQ joint called Flyby BBQ in the Gem City of Dayton, OH. Here’s the scoop, in his own words (ok, maybe some of ours too), on what makes the place so special.


Flyby BBQ is putting Midwest Barbecue on the map with a unique spin on traditional favorites, inspired by the places that invented real BBQ.

We are about taking familiar backyard fare to a higher level and sharing that flavor journey with everyone we meet.

Our food is easy, fresh and friendly - just like the Midwest where it was born.
It’s BBQ elevated. We call it Flyover Food.

But a great brand and story is not all David’s got. He’s got a ton of heart that can be explained in many different ways, and a very strong sense of purpose that he infuses into all aspects of his business. It’s simple and profound. Here it is:

To help people feel happy & full-filled

So how can a BBQ join make good on that? Their words again…

We believe full stomachs can sometimes be the best way to full hearts.
We love making our Midwestern style of BBQ and sharing our higher sense of purpose with
 everyone we meet, er - meAt? Anyways, at Flyby, things are always looking up…

For our guests it means authentic favorites, made right and full of modern personality
- elevating experiences that fill customers up, making them happier leaving our restaurants.
For our team a passion for sharing delicious, inspired food, and a culture full of positivity
- elevating experiences filled with opportunity, making employees happier coming to our restaurants.

Pretty cool stuff. Thanks for letting us be a part of your journey, David! We’re proud of you and your brand… and all of a sudden, we’re getting hungry!