Built on Purpose


We build brands on purpose, but what does that mean?

A few different things.

First, it’s thought out.

Every design detail, every social post, the type of paper chosen, the CMS we built your website on, the signage on the wall, the evolution of your logo, the tag line... and so on... was done strategically on purpose.

Why do we do this? Because science. Specifically psychology. Whether people know it or not, every touch-point with your brand plays into their over-all perception of the brand and the products and services under it. This is your brand experience.

Building your brand on purpose means keeping the whole brand experience in mind when developing and executing tactics. Everything should feel cohesive: the app, the website, the retail store, the culture, way-finding, menus, signage, reports, trade show booths, presentations, lighting, colors, emails, packaging, the products, the service, the channels in which you promote–the list goes on and on. Unifying and strategically thinking through these touch-points solidifies the brand and results in a better brand experience.

Keep in mind, we're not just talking about the experience of the consumer, either. There are other people who interact with the brand. Employees, for instance, are the people who interact with it on a daily basis. If employees are exposed to inconsistency in branding, there is a greater risk of fragmented and "off-brand" external communications resulting in a fragmented, unexpected, and/or bad brand experiences for the consumer. Everyone who works for the brand should be working on the same page, together. Which brings us to our second 'purpose'.

Second. A purpose.

This is probably the most important meaning. It's why you exist. Your raison d’être. We work with our clients to discover, or realign with, their purpose and use it as a driving force for everything else. It keeps us, and everyone else, on the same page–striving for the same goal.

A purpose also humanizes a brand. Those that effectively communicate their purpose show that they, much like humans, have guiding values that steer their business decisions. And, if you remember psychology 101, we tend to be attracted to things that have the same values and beliefs as us. 

Having a brand built on purpose makes it more relatable to consumers:

I, as a human, can now relate to this persona of a brand. I want to be associate with its purpose, because I have the same purpose and believe in this purpose. By working for and/or using this brand, others know that I support these values. If I see someone else with the brand, I know they support what I support. And anyone else I see with this brand feels the same way.

Now this brand has a community. A tribe. The people who will tout your product/service to anyone who will listen, don your logo on everything they can, and fight your battles in your moments of weakness. Consumers aren't the only ones in this tribe. Employees will do this too. 

So, when we say "we build your brand on purpose," this is what we mean.

If you'd like to build your brand on purpose, or find out more information, send us a message here or shoot us an email at hello@conspire.agency.com. We'll buy you a coffee and chat.